FA Kart is the CIK-FIA European Champion in OK category with Taoufik.

The FA Kart chassis powered by Vortex engine has obtained the European Champion title with Sami Taoufik of Ricky Flynn Motorsport. At the end of five highly-fought events, held on some of Europe's most beautiful tracks (Italy, Spain, France, Finland and Sweden), the prestigious CIK-FIA title has come in the OK category.
FA Kart title with Taoufik hase been achieved thanks to several brilliant and significant results, including a second place (France) and a splendid victory (Finland).
FA Victory S has also revealed its formidable qualities in the OKJ class, too, which category also hosts two FA Kart chassis in the championship podium.
The drivers with the most important results in OKJ were Harry Thompson, second in the championship and three times on the podium, and Jack Doohan, winner of a race and author of a pole position.
Both drivers, Thompson and Doohan, are lined up by Ricky Flynn Motorsport.

Image from Cik-Fia Website